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03 November 2009 @ 11:03 am


Konichiwa ,

**Scans will not be locked . 

**You don't have to be a Ryo fan to friend me, 
you can be any JE / Yamapi / Tegoshi / Massu / Shige / Kei / NEWS / T&T / ARASHI / K8 / KAT-TUN . . . 
fan to friend me. So it would be nice if you could tell me who is your Ichiban for me to take note of ! 

If you would like to friend me, it would be nice to :

+ Comment and I'll consider to add or not .
+ Let me know WHY must we be friends .
+ Comment in my journal in the future ,
(if not it's redundant to add ne, I'll comment in yours as well)

* If you don't/rarely update your journal, I won't add back .

Thank you for reading .

08 June 2009 @ 03:27 pm
Hello Everyone!!!

It has been so long since I last updated. I wonder how have everyone been, but I guess most have forgotten me.

I have not really been away, it is just that I don't come back here.

Perhaps I have lost my interest in fangirling over my-once-dearest-Ryo-chan. If I were to stare at any Ryo-chan's pictures, be it an old picture that I was once so crazed over, or a new one, I would have lost that feeling. That feeling that got me so excited and happy in the past. That feeling of loving Ryo-chan. Losing my interest in Ryo-chan generally means no more scans, which I guess most can predict that since I have not been posting for more than a year.

I just want to say, fangirling here has been such a great time of my life, where I met so many different people and got to do so many things. I still love this lj as much, be it the header and background that I have spent times creating or the many magazines that I have scanned. I still love to look through them once in a while.

What makes me really happy is that till now, there are still people who came here for scans. At least my main motive to share the scans is still going on and I want it to continue to go on.

Most importantly, the COMMENTS from everyone have been such a big motivator to me that keeps this lj going on.

Thank you to everyone who have commented and friended me here!! ♥